Friday, May 4, 2012

DiY GoPro Tripod Mount mod

Here's my Do It Yourself GoPro tripod mount mod.

I am making this tutorial for those who wants to save money.

If not, you can always buy a Gopro Tripod Mount - here

Here's the after shot of my DiY tripod mount.

I will be recycling the square display stand that came with the Gopro that's the main piece of this project.

Things you need -

GoPro square stand - came with your camera
A standard 1/4 inch nut - .25 cents each from local hardware store
Loctite 6 minute epoxy gel - $4.99
Instant glue - .99 cents
Duct tape or masking tape
Saw or cutter

First step is to apply tape on the top to cover the holes firmly.

Second step is turn over the stand and place your 1/4 nut in the center and add instant glue.
Let it dry for a minute.

Start mixing the epoxy, you need a small amount maybe a size of a quarter to start.

Third step pour the mixed epoxy inside the cavity then let it dry for 6 minutes. ( if you have 6 minute epoxy)

Repeat this process unit it gets even on the top. Avoid pouring the epoxy into the 1/4 nut hole.

Fourth step cut the edge around the mount and TAKE YOUR TIME when you do this. Use the sandpaper to finish the jagged edges and the bottom part of the mount.

Here's the finished Gopro Diy tripod mount mod.

Here's my Gopro mounted on the bendy Gorilla tripod.

I certainly had fun doing this Diy GoPro tripod mount mod project even though their available online but, the accomplishment is always rewarding, I hope you feel the same too enjoy.

You can get Gorilla tripod - here or GoPro tripod mount - here