Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Welcome to GoPro Mods

Welcome to my simple GoPro Mods. I'm a hobbyist, I like to take pictures and videos during my spare time. This 2012, I will be using my new used Gopro HD Hero 960 for my projects with my family video, remote control car and nature.

I love capturing the nature with my Canon 50d, I'm not a shutter bug pro but, I like to experiment photography. On the other hand Gopro HD Hero has his own capabilities that Canon can't like mounting the camera on your helmet while skydiving, surfing, mounting on the side of your bike, rc cars, rc planes, bumper or windshield of your car....etc

Size wise Canon 50d vs Gopro, I would pick and go with my Gopro HD Hero 960 anytime, it's very portable and fits in my pocket. Picture quality of course 50d has 15.1 mega pixel. The HD Hero 960 and HD Hero Original has only 5 mega pixel picture and video. My Canon 50d doesn't have video option.

Fyi Gopro HD Hero2 has 11 mega pixel picture and video, I'm pretty sure you have seen the Gopro commercial all over the net, it's really good.

Specs of my Gopro Hero 960 and, this is how, I ended up owning this little neat gadget is because I got this of ebay for $60 - Gopro HD Hero

HD Hero 960 specs

Single photo
3 photos in 1 sec ( this can be use for HDR photo with tripod)
Time Lapse every 2, 10, 30, 60 ( I will be using this most of the time with tripod )
960 VIDEO – RESOLUTION + FOV Wide (170º) fish eye lens
30fps, 60fps ( super slow mo I used twitor program)

For HD Hero Original and HD Hero 2 Professional specs

wide (170º) FOV
medium (127º) FOV
narrow (90º) FOV
30fps, 48fps, 60fps, 120fp

Wi-Fi Remote Control
Wi-Fi video preview + playback
Wi-Fi streaming to web
Camera control via smartphone,
tablet and computer app

LCD BacPac™, Battery BacPac™,
3D HERO®System, Wi-Fi BacPac™, Wi-Fi Remote 


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